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 SFCEDIT : Purchase a license

To obtain an activation key and fully utilize the software, you must pay a license with the following conditions of use:

- a single user on a single computer
- a single user on multiple computers
- multiple users on a single computer

In other cases, a separate license for each user or each computer is required.

You can reach this software through a network from the moment when you have obtained as many licenses than computers susceptible to execute simultaneously the program on the network.

A license of type «site» allows you to use the software without any restriction on the number of simultaneous users, at the condition that they are related to the activity of a single site / institution geographically.

See the End User License Agreement (EULA)

Licenses prices

Unit Price
Single License69.00 €
Site License279.00 €

Purchase Order

Carefully fill in the form below, especially your email address.

You can make your payment:
  • by credit card through PAYPAL (you don't need to be registered on PAYPAL to proceed to the payment) : It's the fastest way to obtain a license.

  • by bank transfer : a bank account number will you be communicated.
You will be notified by email, after confirmation of the payment, the instructions to activate the software as well as an invoice.

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